Voice Mail Services BPE offers a full featured voicemail service system that can be tailored to fit your needs, no matter the size or budget. With our services you will never miss your business calls. You can access your voicemail messages day or night by almost any means.

Some of our top features are:

Nationwide Access via your own personal local or nationwide toll free number. "Find me, Follow me" - Our virtual voicemail system can reach you on any device that you choose, whether it is your cell phone, pager, office or home phone, fax, email and even through a secure web interface. Direct dial-out capabilities give you the ability to return calls directly from your mailbox with the touch of a single button. You can also easily make long distance calls or conduct conference calls right from your mailbox. New message notifications via e-mail, e-mail with .wav file attachment, phone, cell phone, or pager to let you know right away when your mailbox has a message. Email notification includes caller ID information. Web interface allows you to access your voicemail online at any time to make administrative changes to your account, listen to your messages, view your faxes, or recover caller ID information. Live operator backup allows your callers to reach an agent at the answering service in the event of a full mail box or for additional assistance. Pre-notification e-mails can be enabled to view every inbound caller with information and extension accessed delivered to your email of choice. Digital fax storage with online message retrieval allows you to use your 10-digit voicemail number as an inbound fax service. Use our web interface or forward your faxes to your e-mail in .pdf format to view.

Voice Mail Accounts start at $9.99 per month!* Call us at 978-232-8950 or toll free 1-800-649-6767 for a full feature list and pricing!