Answering Service / Message Taking Our Live Answer Messaging Services are key in running your office smoothly.

At Business and Professional Exchange, we can provide your customers with above and beyond customer service, and save you money. Our telephone service operators answer for you equipped with knowledge, and a smile, to ensure that you never miss an important call. Where it's after hours or just a busy business day, we strive to achieve the utmost efficiency with our calls: over 70% are answered within 30 seconds of the first ring. In an average month our agents answer nearly 135,000 calls. No matter what time of the day or night, our agents are here to give your company a shining representation, and get you the information you need, fast.

Here's a look at how BPE's Live Answer Messaging takes place: How Business & Professional Exchange Answers Your Calls

When your clients and customers call in to BPE, our agents can immediately see your personal greeting, the current state of your office, and any important messages. From here agents are able to access your customized script. Each script is personal to you and the information you want to receive from each caller.

Now, your message is ready for DISPATCH to whomever you choose. Our dispatchers give a thorough final check over the message, determine its urgency, and send the message over via email, fax , text message, or directly to your phone or pager. It is fast, efficient, and hassle free.